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Microsoft Dynamics Navision is the mostly used ERP system nowadays. This ERP system which is used by most of the mid sized companies are in a higher position than the other ERP systems. Microsoft Dynamics provides business insight through the tools users already have on their desktop. Flexible and comprehensive reporting tools, simple business intelligence capabilities and a Microsoft SQL platform for data access provide the right fit for the needs of small and mid-sized companies. This kind of most user friedly ERP system have lot of advantages. To keep business on track, its essential to monitor current activity and compare it to historical performance and plans. The user needs easy access to specific data related to their task or role, the ability to perform repetitive business processes and have formatted grouped data all as part of the standard application and setup.

Most essential facts are included in this website which are needed to be known by the programmers who are developing this system. Solutions to the problems which are arising when using Navision as well as the solutions to the issues which are to be faced by the programmers are also included here. Mainly there's knowledge on different situations where problems may arise. Specially one can study about C/AL programming tips, installation error corrections, power shell using, sql using and many more important facts on different areas. And solutions to the problems of Navision integration and installation are included here.

Solutions for most of the problems can be gained by studying the most important areas through the classification, as well as further issues can be sent us by the email address mentioned in the page ,"Contact Us". And there we can be informed about the most essential facts too.

Vision !!!

By obtaining most essential and facts which cannot be found easily in the sections of functional and development the user of Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP has been helped and eased to use. Our aim is giving you the capability of working as an experienced Navision user by giving knowledge and by letting you to know the novel facts in the field. We have utmostly worked to make you aware of the facts which are being updated day by day and to supply the solutions to most of the problematic situations. Through this we invite you to be a competent Microsoft Dynamics Navision user.

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